Accra, Ghana

A fine dining restaurant offering traditional West African & Afro Caribbean cuisines

• 2023 •

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Located in the heart of East Legon, GHastro has an elegant vibe, with relaxing and welcoming ambiance. Enjoy afternoon lunch with friends, toast to the weekend at our champagne brunch, or reserve a table for our prefix tasting dinner menu. 

West African
Afro Caribbean

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Our menu is excellently curated by our highly trained chef de cuisine, with the intentions to provide the guest with an unforgettable gastronomic experience. GHastro’s menu is executed following authentic recipes using modern techniques, along with spices, herbs, relative ingredients, to capture traditional flavors infused West African and Caribbean cuisines.

Mixology At its finest

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Mixology at its finest and highest level is the experience to be expected when enjoying a cocktail perfectly and accurately curated by our highly trained mixologist

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Check our events calendar to find out what the next thing to do is. At GHastro, its always a fun experience.